Radio interviews by KHMB Coastside Radio

Listen and share! In May 2018 KHMB Coastside Radio interviewed Richard Wilson. We have the 10 minute interview as well as their featured story of the week in which there is an editorial comment and endorsement of Richard Wilson.

Listen and share! In this 10 minute podcast KHMB of Coastside Radio interviews Richard (“Rick”) Wilson as their Feature Story of the Week. See the article on KHMBRadio.Com. The coastal communities are important to us. Residents here understand the impact of wrong decisions like incumbent judge Buchwald’s decision in the Martin’s Beach case (Friends of Martin’s Beach v. Martin’s Beach LLC, et al.), which was strongly reversed on appeal after a long process.

Listen and share! Listen to this editorial feature by community radio station KHMB explaining how troubled they are by decisions of this incumbent and endorsing Richard Wilson for judge of the superior court.  The editorial comment and endorsement of Richard Wilson starts at 03:45.

Domingos en Español KHMB Radio’s Spanish language radio program interviewed Richard Wilson for their weekly show aired on May 27. Voto por Richard Wilson de la corte superior de San Mateo. Oiga el mensaje de el candidato Richard Wilson. Y sea animado por lo que el dise. Y lo que aconseja a la comunidad hispana.  Para un cambio positivo. Por favor vote por Richard Wilson para la corte superior de san mateo. Comparte con todos interesados en un cambio positivo voto por Richard Wilson.


Interested in other interviews with Richard Wilson? You’d like the Podcast interview by Coastside Buzz, from early May. See that podcast here.

Do you want voters to understand what judges are on their court? Do you want to have a choice in at least 1 out of 10 judges this election cycle? Listen to this informative podcast and share it with other San Mateo County voters! Vote for Richard Wilson, a choice you can make exactly because he challenged the system of perpetual unopposed candidacy.

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