Podcast By the Bay Interview May 30

Listen and sharePodcast by the Bay interviews candidates in this election season and reaches a broad audience on the Peninsula.  This podcast presents Rick’s interview by Podcast by the Bay producers Patrick and Andre, along with their introductory comments supporting Rick in challenging for this judicial office. We have the podcast here to play directly, if you wish to hear it directly on their site click here.


Do you want voters to understand what judges are on their court? Do you want to have a choice in at least 1 out of 10 judges this election cycle? Listen to this informative podcast and share it with other San Mateo County voters! Vote for Richard Wilson, a choice you can make exactly because he challenged the system of perpetual unopposed candidacy.

Interested in other interviews with Richard Wilson? You’d like the Podcast interview by Coastside Buzz, from early May. See that podcast here.

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