Podcast interview by journalist Michelle Dragony

Listen and share! In this 28 minute podcast Michelle Dragony of Coastside Buzz interviews Richard (“Rick”) Wilson. See the article on Coastsidebuzz.com. Michelle notes that she learned many things during the interview, and called it “fascinating”! As a longtime resident of ‘coastside’ San Mateo County, Michelle and Rick met while Rick was putting up a campaign yard sign at a supporter’s home, and Michelle knew it’d be a great opportunity to learn more.

In this podcast, many topics are discussed, some highlights are:

● Rick has lived in the County for over 30 years with his wife, Marie, and their children who were raised through the local school systems and are adults now. Both Rick and Marie are attorneys, and passionate about this area and the residents in it.

● Being a judge candidate is a full time job, and not just for the candidate. It is entirely because of Rick’s commitment to offer voters a choice and chance to vote for an important seat for judge that he does this work.

● Rick shares insights into how his career experience is directly applicable to this judicial role. Upon leaving a senior litigation role at the University of California, he knew he could take his background, temperament, and passion for the County and add a lot of value to our community as a judge.

● Rick discusses the characteristics, behavior, and mindset of a “good judge.” He notes that in this diverse community, it is important for a judge to apply fair and equitable judgement as appropriate to each case and situation. Being fair and equitable, as Rick explains, is a part of who you are, and people support Rick for judge because he exhibits this consistently.

● Rick’s family is diverse, just like the County. With an adopted African American son, a son-in-law that is American Indian and Hispanic, and family members with various educational and cultural backgrounds and interests, Rick has always enjoyed understanding what is important to individuals and communities.

● In litigating cases as a long-term partner in a litigation law firm, Rick gained extensive experience in understanding and assessing all sides of an issue or case to deliver the most appropriate resolution and outcome. Rick finds that experience, ingrained temperament and demeanor towards fairness and equity, and direct court experience will make him a great judge.

● Rick shares that most judges are appointed when a previous judge vacates. Voters do not select appointed judges – politicians do. Almost without exception, the only time a judge seat is on a ballot is if someone challenges a current judge. With no challenger, a judge is automatically re-elected over and over, creating a pattern of perpetual unopposed incumbency. There is little to no forum for voters and the public to understand who is judge, to identify concerns about existing judges, and ultimately to have a choice in who will be a judge on the superior court. This year 10 judges were up for election. 9 out of 10 were unopposed and automatically re-elected. Rick’s stepping up means that 1 out of 10 seats can be chosen by voters.

Do you want voters to understand what judges are on their court? Do you want to have a choice in at least 1 out of 10 judges this election cycle? Listen to this informative podcast and share it with other San Mateo County voters! Vote for Richard Wilson, a choice you can make exactly because he challenged the system of perpetual unopposed candidacy.

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  1. Thank you for challenging Judge Buchwald! This podcast was very educational. Best wishes in the election!

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