Official Ballot Candidate Statement

My qualifications begin with living in San Mateo County for 30 years and raising our children here with my wife, also an attorney. We love this diverse and dynamic community. My legal qualifications stem from broad experience working with courts, judges and countless cases in Northern California and around the state in a litigation law firm and in public employment.

This includes systemwide roles as staff counsel for the Judicial Council of California (governing body of the court system) and senior counsel, litigation for the University of California. This election is a rare opportunity for you to have a say in who will serve as judge. Typically, judges whose terms are up run unopposed and they don’t appear on the ballot. This year, nine judges are being automatically “elected” this way. I am running for office believing I can bring needed fresh perspective and energy to the court and promote efficiency and improved services based on my experience. I am running also out of conviction this pattern of perpetual unopposed incumbency is not always in the best interests of the court and community. Your vote is a choice between candidates and a signal—and I ask for your support.

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